This January’s Study Group book. A classic, and the best book I’ve ever found on this topic.

Accompanying workbook

Superb book about the chakras.

This May’s study group book.

Another wonderful book by David Richo. Highly recommend.

Terrific book full of helpful teachings about the non-negotiable aspects of life and how to be at peace with them. Another great one by Richo.


This January’s study group book.

Superb translation and commentary.

My recommendation for all beginners. A wonderful approachable overview of Yoga practices and principles.

This is a rich and heart nourishing book by one of the most beloved mindfulness teachers in the West.

Another great book by Jack Kornfield

Elegant, accessible teachings on mindfulness meditation.

If you’ve never read the work of Pema Chodron, I highly recommend starting here.

One of my favorite books. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Two books I recommend about asana.

A lovely translation and commentary about the sutras from one of the greatest and most beloved 20th century gurus.

The first version of the sutras I read, and still my go-to.